Baby Teethers

It’s time for our annual Baby, I Love You Campaign!

Help us sell 100 or more teethers in February. In February, 100% of the profits will go to our ASL Education Fund which we hope to launch in 2018. This will provide ASL classes in addition to support for families learning about Deaf culture. ILY Baby Teether 2

A beloved and popular favorite, we are proud to say we have ILY Baby Teether for sale!

  • Hand-made by Little Sapling Toys
  • Non-toxic (no finishes or varnishes)
  • Made from Hardwood Maple–doesn’t splinter
  • Made in the USA
  • A tree is planted for every teether purchased
  • $13 each or buy 3 for $33
  • (taxes are included; shipping rates apply)

Click on the button with the correct amount listed underneath it.

dreamstime_l_27932825  Buy Now Button

Just one, please!                                                            I want three, please!

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