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Welcome to our Deaf Kids’ Art Network family!

For the short version, here’s what we do:

  • We bring Deaf performers and artists to Wichita and create opportunities for our deaf and hard of hearing kids to interact with awesome, positive Deaf role models.
  • Our goal is to promote sign language and Deaf culture by providing family-friendly events for the WHOLE family to experience Deaf culture and encourage them to use sign language TOGETHER.
  • The biggest goal is to show these awesome kiddos that there are great Deaf people out there, just like them, who are educated, talented, AND successful at what they do. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that someone really gets it. And we do.

For the long version, you can read our mission statement and five-fold action plan below.

This year in 2015 we are about TWO THINGS:

  • Building relationships with our deaf/hard of hearing kids and their families
  • Building our Board of Directors

If you, or someone you know should be on our board of directors, let us know. We are looking for people who care about deaf and hard of hearing kids and have a passion for growing organizations. We are a young organization with a big vision!

Thanks for reading about us. Keep checking on us for more updates.

We’d love to hear from you!

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Long Version of What We Do

Mission Statement:

The name of Deaf Kids’ Art Network, when consolidated, spells out DEAFKAN, a positive play on words which we hope will translate into inspiring a child to really believe they can indeed, do anything.

Our mission is to promote Deaf culture and sign language through art and performances to children that have hearing loss and show them that members of the Deaf community ARE successful, talented and educated; to encourage them to embrace themselves and perceive their hearing loss as a gateway to a marvelous culture to be proud of; to inspire them to believe that they are not only capable of great things in their lives, but show them that there are people just like them, who understand, who will help them on their journey to success.

Motto: Opening the doors to Deaf culture through performance and art.

Five-Fold Action Plan:

  1. First, we provide family-friendly performances and events in which a family with a deaf child can interact and engage with a Deaf performer, artist, or other positive Deaf role model.
  2. Second, we create opportunities for our deaf/hard of hearing (D/HH) kids to interact directly with positive Deaf role models through workshops, school visits, field trips, classes—anything that we can think of that will enrich a child’s life positively and impress on them the belief that they too are capable of being successful.
  3. Third, we offer instruction in the arts. We strive to have these classes taught by Deaf artists and performers when possible.
  4. Fourth, we will offer sign language and Deaf culture instruction, with emphasis on American Sign Language.
  5. Fifth, we will seek to partner with local hospitals and services to offer support and guidance to families as they navigate this journey into the Deaf world. Our goal will be to help families give their children access to sign language as early as possible.

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