Baby, I Love You!



Baby I Love You banner

Baby, I Love You Campaign

Our annual Baby, I Love You campaign has begun! We are selling our favorite ILY baby teethers from Little Sapling Toys to raise funding for our upcoming ASL Education Program. We hope to launch by 2018 or earlier!

ILY Baby Teether 2

Cost of these non-toxic, made in the USA, handcrafted baby teethers is

only $13 or buy 3 for $33. BUY NOW

Campaign Goal #1: ASL Education Program

This program will be a researched based, bilingual-approach program designed to support the family and the child. We will also be teaching community classes as well. The goal is to have salaried, qualified instructors to manage and teach the classes.

Campaign Goal #2: Early Access Awareness

We hope to educate and inspire families to choose American Sign Language for their little ones. We’ll be posting some information and resources that might help in your journey.

We’re having a Cutest Baby Contest!

Send us photos of your cute babies and we will enter you in our drawing for three incredible prizes!

  • $50 gift card to Sweet Cheeks Momma & Baby Boutique (online orders and shipping available!)
  • Baby Sign Lanugage DVD Set
  • ILY Baby Teether by Little Sapling Toys

Winners will be announce at our Book Group on Feb. 27th at 11 am at Watermark Books & Cafe. $7 for light lunch and discussion of Finding Zoe: A Deaf woman’s journey of love, identity and adoption.

*USA residents only.


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