Sweet Sixteen, what will you bring?

Happy new year 2016 facebook banner photo

Happy New Year!

2015 was an exciting year for the Deaf community:

  • Nyle DiMarco Wins the final season of America’s Next Top Model CLICK HERE
  • This 8 yo basketball phenom makes it to Nationals CLICK HERE
  • Caleb McDuff, 7 yo kart racer from England signs pro with WIX. Like and follow them on Facebook HERE
  • Deaf actors make a huge impact on Broadway with the blended cast of hearing/deaf actors inthe production of Spring Awakening. READ
  • We followed Deaf world travelers Calvin Young and Joel Barish in their adventures. HERE and HERE
  • Business owners like Sarah Snow from Glide app setting a positive example of asking the Deaf community for feedback on the app. Follow her HERE.

We salute the men and women and children who dared to dream in 2015. They shed a positive light on the wonderful things in the Deaf community that are happening all the time.

In 2016, we will do our best to continue highlighting these positive Deaf role models for you.

From our volunteer family to yours,

we wish you a very Happy New Year in 2016!

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