Final Friday Success

The beginning of a child's diary entry

An Executive Director’s Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Final Friday at The Renfro Studio was an amazing event. We could not have predicted how things would go, this being our first art gallery and all. Setting up took a little longer than expected so we were a little sweaty and frazzled but who cares when people are streaming in to see our art and bid on the Community Canvases? We sold almost every painting!! And we raised $1,200 in one night!

We are getting closer to raising $16,000 for 2016 than before. We can do this!!

Our greeting card idea was a hit. It’s not easy for everyone to be able to bid and buy a painting, so having a collection of all 8 paintings in one set of cards for only $20 was a great way for folks to have a piece of our art from the last two years. I know these will go quickly. We are definitely going to do this every year–and add more of the kids’ art next year!

The Gingerbread Quilt looked fabulous and the tickets really sold! We are so lucky to be able to have this as a fundraiser. We are going to have so much fun selling tickets all year and drawing a winner at next year’s Deaf Awareness Event. I hope we can raise $2,000-$3,000 with this quilt!

We were so happy to see old friends and meet new ones. There sure are some great people in our community. The Lion’s Club came and we were able to present them with an certificate of appreciation and get a photo with them.

We also had ASL students there and lots of people from off the street, plus our own friends and supporters.

The sign language cookies turned out totally great. Adrienne from Sweet Creations did a fantastic job and Kit Corby was a doll to donate these to us!

We can’t thank Tracey Cohn from The Renfro Studio enough!! She is so much fun to work with–we’re so glad we were able to use her studio and have her take photos for us. (Note to self: I think I’ll ask her to do our family portraits)

It was exciting to be on both KAKE and the Brett & Sierra Show to promote our event. A few people came to our event because they saw us on TV–mission accomplished! Our DeafKAN kids were so incredible being on TV. I couldn’t be prouder of those boys.

And our volunteers. Where would we be without our volunteers??

Sigh. I am one lucky director.

It was a beautiful Fall evening and we can’t wait to do this again in the Spring for Art Day of Giving (Art DOG).


Heidi Howard, Executive Director & Founder

Deaf Kids’ Art Network, DeafKAN

P.S. We still have two paintings available (but I know they won’t last long…)




Community Canvas Nature 2015

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