Important Article regarding Kansas

We want to thank the Kansas Association of the Deaf for posting this article about Medicaid covering sign language therapy on Facebook today. While we are a non profit and do not participate in the political process, we want to share issues that are effecting our children everyday. We encourage all to be active in civil duties.

We now share it with you:

We applaud the statements made about the importance of language by KAD board member, Chriz Dally.

“The child is left in a double jeopardy of not having access to language and then not having the support system in place at home to continue language development,” Dally said in written testimony submitted to the council. “So that affects their ability to receive a gainful education. Thus, their life prospects are diminished.” The solution, Dally said, is to allow Medicaid coverage for ASL therapy for deaf children and ASL training for their parents who don’t otherwise have the resources to learn. Medicaid currently covers speech therapy for the children, but she said that’s not enough. The key to spurring the cognitive activity inherent in early language learning is “to develop natural communication flow between the child and the parent.” “Just providing speech therapy alone does not work in helping the child acquire a language,” Dally said. “Speech is not a natural, visual language to the deaf child.”

Please read it. Petra Horn-Marsh, elementary teacher at Kansas School for the Deaf was also quoted. We thank all who are advocating for our children.

For more information about the Kansas Association of the Deaf, visit their website HERE.

For more information about services offered by the Outreach Program at Kansas School for the Deaf, visit their page HERE.


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