Super Heroes and Comics Workshop is Almost Here!


Friday, July 24th

1-4 pm @CityArts building in Old Town Wichita

$10/per child You can pay online or at the door 

(Please come early to sign waivers/releases)

Ho boy, are we excited! You don’t want to miss this. We have a lot of activities packed into this 3-hour workshop.

Your child will learn how to:

  • Create comic characters and draw them
  • Create a story line and how to storyboard
  • Make a cape
  • Learn ASL signs for popular super heros
  • Learn personification and classifiers to describe sounds and action in ASL
  • Learn about Deaf cartoonists and comic artists
  • Snacks, games and more!

We’ve invited a few Deaf artists to come share their work with us, and if you’re one of them you’ve probably heard us talk about a questionnaire so we can learn more about you. Well, here it is! If you haven’t already, please fill it out and return it to Don’t forget to send us your work samples, and a picture of yourself!

Download the Cartoon/Comic Questionnaire here!

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