Books and more books!

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Are you a reader? Do you just LOVE getting into a story? In just two days, Deaf Kids’ Art Network will be at Watermark Books (in their downstairs meeting room) to share our love of BOOKS!

Friday, July 17th

10 am to 11 am 

Watermark Books

(4701 E. Douglas Ave., Wichita, KS)

We have recently been introduced to this BLOG that we want to share with you:

Sharon Pajka, Ph.D. reviews literature written for teen readers and interviews authors. It’s a wonderful resource for finding books about deaf characters, books that address Deaf culture (and related issues) and books that are written by Deaf authors! We are so grateful to Mona Huggins from Kansas School for the Deaf (Librarian) for introducing us to this blogging treasure.

Shay and Ivy

Dr. Pajka reviews the book, Shay & Ivy: Not Just a Princess by Sheena McFeely and illustrated by Casie Trace, which we will be talking about on Friday! You can read her review HERE. Sheena McFeely is Deaf and the mother of two darling girls, Shay and Ivy. You’ve probably seen their adorable family videos on ASL Nook! You can visit their page with this LINK.

Singing Hands

Another title that we will be discussing is Singing Hands by Delia Ray. We have FOUR copies available for you to borrow! Dr. Pajka also reviewed this book on her blog. This 12-year old hearing daughter of a Deaf preacher in the Deep South during the late 40’s will steal your heart. There is plenty of mischief as Gussie tries to find a way to spend more time with her much-in-demand father; an exciting look at what it means to have boarders in your house; and what it means to have two bossy older sisters.

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