Augusta Lion’s Club Makes BIG Things Happen

If you didn’t already know this, the Lion’s Club is a national organization that LOVES helping kids. We visited Augusta Lion’s Club a few months ago to share our vision and mission of Deaf Kids’ Art Network and they spoiled our Director Heidi Howard with a scrumptious dinner and fantastic hospitality. They were quick to respond to the needs of our Wichita area kids and donated $500 to our program.

We are humbled and honored that they chose to support our organization! To show our thanks, we are using those funds to supply all of our art workshops this summer with quality items that our kids will create with. We will also use those funds for the Old Town Farmer’s Market supplies.

We look forward to showing off our creations and will remember who made them possible.

With grateful hearts, we thank you, Augusta Lion’s Club!

Pictured from left to right: Lions Merle Laham, Jess Daniels, John Reid, Leonard Wakefield, Bill Kincaid, Patrick Laham, Wendell Corneil. Shaking hands Patrick is Heidi Howard, Executive Director of DeafKAN. To her right is Lions Dianne and Bill Buggeln. Next is DeafKan Secretary Stephanie Wilcox and Lion Sandi Williamson.  Not pictured but present: Deaf Interpreter Kelly Seymour and Lion Judy Dryden.

Displaying 2 DeafKan donation 3-24-15.JPG

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