Teen Writer Bio: Casey Cowherd

Casey Cowherd recently contributed to our DeafKAN Newsletter, for which she interviewed and wrote about Michael Hubbs, Deaf Olympic Speedskater. We’re proud to feature her as our very first teen writer! You can read her work in our Summer 2014 Newsletter. Even though she was the one behind the scenes this time, now we’d like you to get to know Casey a little better.

Casey is about to enter her senior year of high school. She’s a teeny bit apprehensive about graduating, but she doesn’t let the nerves get to her. She’s ready to take a huge step forward in her life, and takes solace that God will be there to help her every step of the way. She lets this kind of unwavering faith guide her in many aspects of her life!

A country girl at heart, Casey has spent her last summer in high school just enjoying the time off. She loves hanging out with family and friends, and when she’s not doing those things you might find her avoiding bathroom duty at all costs. It makes sense that one of her favorite subjects in school is Drama (the other is Math!) because another way Casey loves to pass the time is by reading. Her favorite books include anything romantic, creative, or war-related.

Laughing is another one of Casey’s favorite pastimes. She and her four younger siblings love to watch Tom and Jerry for its giggle factor! That’s right, she has four younger siblings: Dakota (age 14), Michael (also age 14), Bekah (age 10) and Morgan (also age 10!).

Some might call her a health nut, but we just think she’s smart: her favorite foods are fruits and veggies! Her healthy brain often dreams of traveling to Hawaii, and we hope with all our hearts she accomplishes her mission someday.

Her favorite quotes include:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched,  they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

“Not everyone is perfect. You are the way you are made to be and be very proud of yourself. Be yourself and loves your body!” – Casey Cowherd




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