Introducing our Art Director for this year’s Summer Theater/Art Camp

Sara Roybal

We are happy to introduce you to Sara Roybal, our Art Director for this summer’s theater/art camp! We will let her tell you more about herself:

Sara Roybal: I’m deaf, I’m a native of New Mexico and currently live in Albuquerque. I received my BFA in art studio with Honors in the college of Fine of Arts, University of New Mexico. I taught art class at Albuquerque Academy Sign Language, a charter grade school for two years.  I currently teach part time as an instructor in  ASL 1 at the University of New Mexico. I am also currently the assistant curator at the Dr. Krasel Museum, New Mexico School for the Deaf. My goal is educate children who are deaf in the world of visual art, and to encourage them to express themselves using all forms of media.  The deaf experience can be conveyed very strongly through the visual arts, and can help form a bridge of understanding across all segments of our deaf community and our world.   I am a full time mom of two hearing children. I love helping my children or others with projects such as oil (my preferred medium), mixed media and collages.

Thank you, Sara! We are looking forward to seeing you this summer!


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